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Post viral fatigue is not new.

Many viruses are capable of leaving a “long tail”.

It is not so much about the virus, but about the predisposition of the person.

Mononucleosis, shingles, cytomegalovirus and others, including Covid, can cause a long term fatigue.

The symptoms of the disease take a long time to resolve, 12 weeks and longer.

As a person starts to recover, he starts to feel fatigue.

Even when the most symptoms have gone, the crippling fatigue remains.

Post viral fatigue is not new

People, who live with post viral fatigue, live a half life, maybe even a quarter life.

It is hard, painful, depressing.

The hardest lesson to learn is to manage the energy, to choose what task get done and what tasks remain undone.

People simply do not understand how it might feel to have no energy every single day. 

The Symptoms of Long Covid Include:

extreme tiredness

shortness of breath, tight chest

brain fog      



joint pain

depression, anxiety

loss of appetite

tinnitus, earache.

Researchers of Leicester followed up more than 1000 people, who had been admitted to hospital with Covid 19.

The people, who most likely to be affected by Long Covid tend to be white woman aged 40 to 60 with two or more medical conditions, such as cardiovascular condition, asthma, type two diabetes.

This different from those, who are most likely to need hospital treatment for Covid, who are more likely to be male and from an ethnic minority background. 

Homeopathic remedies alongside with supplements, such as Coenzyme Q10, Zinc and Magnesium can give support and relief for people with Long Covid.