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Homeopathy for the newborn. Colic.

Colic is usually diagnosed if the baby cries loudly for three hours a day and at least three days out of a week.

There may seem to be no reason. They are fed, changed, held, but the baby is still very obviously not happy

The definition of colic is pain in a hollow organ, so colic could be menstrual or gallbladder colic.

In this case it is a colic of the intestines.

It is thought to be caused by a spasm of the gut. It is most common in the first three to six months.

It is very distressing for the parents to see their child in pain and discomfort during day and night when nobody in the family is getting much sleep.

Common symptoms of colic:

 It is hard to soothe the baby.

 Nothing seems to comfort them.

 They clench their fists.

 They go red in the face.

 They bring their knees up to their tummy or arch their back.

 The tummy rumbles or they are very windy.

new-born Colic.

Natural help:

Herbal tea made from Chamomile, Caraway fennel can be given 20-30 min before each feed.

If it is not possible, a very strong infusion of this tea pour into the baby’s bath water.

Giving probiotics especially made for the new-born might be able to help.

Massaging the baby’s abdomen in a clockwise direction with Chamomile and Fennel oil.

If nothing of these is helping, it is advisable to bring the baby for a Homeopathic consultation. Homeopathic remedies will give relief for the baby and the parents.