"Treatment originates outside of you, healing comes from within."

- Andrew Will, MD.

Bed – wetting.

Children vary in there ability to be dry at night. Bed-wetting is rarely related to previous problems with toilet training. Some children train easily by the age of two during the day, with few accidents, but never have a dry night. Others take longer to be dry during the day, but parents then find that […]

Post-menopausal years – is there life afterwards?

Yes, yes, yes!!! A woman is normally considered to be through the menopause when she haven’t had a period for two years. During this time the hormones should have found a new balance and the body will likely have learnt to cope with this new low level. Many women feel just as good, if not […]

Common Menopause Symptoms.

Mood swings and low mood. The Menopause is a journey through both physical and emotional extremes. Oestrogen is a mood enhancer, falling level of which can have a huge impact on how you feel. Low mood, anxiety, anger, frustration, impatience,  absent mindedness and even depression can hit really quickly. Suddenly it feels like your “usual […]

The liver and the menopause.

“ The liver is the regulator of your health and you are as healthy as your liver.” Alfred Vogel, Naturopath. Our liver performs over 500 different biological functions: – Cleaning the blood. Our liver works 24/7 in protecting the body from all sorts of toxins ingested through food and drinks, things we put on the […]

Diet and the Menopause.

The hormonal changes in the approach to the menopause and menopause itself, both stress the body tremendously and the nutritional needs of the body increases significantly. Having a good varied diet and keeping well hydrated  are two of the most important things you can do to help yourself through the menopause. What should you eat: […]

Eating disorders at puberty.

Many overweight children grow taller as they approach puberty and invariably slim down. Some adolescents, however, do overeat all the wrong foods, that in many cases due to a need to comfort eat to compensate for negative feelings and emotions.  Being overweight, can lead to low self esteem and the comfort eating may be in part […]

Preparing for the Menopause.

We know that the healthier and fitter you are, the less chance there is of a difficult time when going through the menopause. So diet, exercise and lifestyle are really important factors and the younger you start getting yourself ready, the better. You will have heard the phrase  “You are what you eat” and this […]


This unpleasant condition frequently occurs in young children. There are a number of unpleasant worms, but the thread worms is the most common in the UK. These tiny, white, thread-like worms are often found in the anus, as this where a female lays her eggs, but can live in any part of the digestive tract. […]


Some children grow up never having had a tantrum, while other children can have tantrums on a daily basis through out their stage of development. Tantrums can start as young as twelve months and go on well into the pre-school phase. The predisposition of one child to be prone to difficult tantrums compared with another […]

Chronic Fatigue in puberty.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) has become more common in teenagers in recent years. This is partly due to it being recognised more by the medical profession, but also because CFS is on the increase in all society.  Chronic Fatigue is a breakdown of the immune and nervous system, where the person is literally too exhausted […]