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"Treatment originates outside of you, healing comes from within."

- Andrew Will, MD.

Ear Infections.

Two-thirds of children have had an ear infection also known as acute otitis media, before their first birthday. Young children  are susceptible to these infections in part because their eustachian tube, which connect the middle ear to the throat and nose, is underdeveloped and lies at a horizontal angle (it becomes more angled with age) […]

Homeopathy for the newborn. Colic.

Colic is usually diagnosed if the baby cries loudly for three hours a day and at least three days out of a week. There may seem to be no reason. They are fed, changed, held, but the baby is still very obviously not happy The definition of colic is pain in a hollow organ, so […]

Homeopathy in pregnancy.

Most people are aware that drugs can cross the placental barrier and might have undesirable effects on the unborn child especially during the first trimester. Many women come to use Homeopathy during pregnancy because of the safety of the homeopathic remedies. The remedies have no chemical “side effects” because of their high dilution and they […]


Post viral fatigue is not new. Many viruses are capable of leaving a “long tail”. It is not so much about the virus, but about the predisposition of the person. Mononucleosis, shingles, cytomegalovirus and others, including Covid, can cause a long term fatigue. The symptoms of the disease take a long time to resolve, 12 […]

Bereavement and coping with loss in children.

Children frequently undergo some form of loss or separation in their young lives. Many children will lose a grandparent during their childhood, and more rarely a parent. In today’s modern world, a high proportion of children will experience their parent separation and divorce and may have to adapt to a second family. However, many children […]

Stress and anxiety.

A recent survey of the traditional, complementary and natural healthcare sector revealed that homeopaths and other complementary therapists and practitioners were experiencing a 63% increase in patients presenting with mental health related issues, including anxiety and stress. Let’s have a look at what homeopathy can do to assist with this growing problem. Physical and mental […]

Bites and stings.

We all know how painful and uncomfortable a bite or sting can be. With warmer weather, we need to be fully prepared. Don’t let a bite or sting ruin your family day out or leisure activities. Whether it is wasps or hornets, bees or midgets, what usually follows is a red, swollen lump on the […]

Mens Health.

On average, men live four and a half years less than women. This statistic must change. Thousands of men die prematurely every year, often due to a range of preventable conditions. Women should encourage their husband, brother, father or friend to address any worrying health conditions. Why do men still seem less willing to seek […]

Back pain.

Back pain affects around a third of the population in the UK. We all know someone who has had back problems of some kind. Around 8 million people report having chronic pain that is moderate to severely disabling. The knock-on effect on days off work and cost to the taxpayer is considerable. Behind each of […]

Friendly bacteria and the Menopause.

What we eat influences the type of bacteria we have in our gut. This can have a huge impact  on how a woman goes through the menopause. We have thousands of different kind of bacteria living in the gut. Scientists have now worked out that individual groups of bacteria have very specific duties to perform, […]