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Mobile: 07792 456515

Clinic Tel: 01256 702140

Email: homeopathy@panfilova.co.uk

Skype and Zoom consultations are available.

I work at the Odiham Clinic.

The Odiham Clinic is conveniently situated at the Farnham end of the Odiham High Street, sitting at the top of the T-junction where the London Road meets the High Street.

2 High Street, Odiham, Hook, Hampshire RG29 1LG

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Homeopathic Consultation.

The first consultation may take between one or one and a half hours. Subsequent consultation will take place in 4-6 weeks and will last between 30-40 min.

Prescriptions for an acute illness, such colds, sore throat, etc are usually assessed more quickly.

Information about the presenting complaint, a full past and medical history needs to be taken, as well as information about your character, habits and lifestyle. This helps to build a full picture in order to put the present symptoms into perspective.

Anything discussed is treated with the utmost confidentiality.

Skype consultations are available.

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