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Preparing for the Menopause.

We know that the healthier and fitter you are, the less chance there is of a difficult time when going through the menopause. So diet, exercise and lifestyle are really important factors and the younger you start getting yourself ready, the better.

You will have heard the phrase  “You are what you eat” and this is particularly true of the menopause. Certain foods are more likely to improve your oestrogen levels than others. Drinking enough water to keep hydrated and keeping your friendly bacteria and liver happy are also important aspects to consider during this time of life.

Falling oestrogen levels can affect muscle tone, so it is a case of use them or lose them. Weak muscles may affect posture, adding pressure to the joints. In addition, metabolism usually slows during this time of life and weight gain is often much easier, and what is gained harder to lose.

Regular exercise can influence all of these issues. If you feel good, energised and lifted after exercising, it is doing you good. If you feel shattered or exhausted or you hurt everywhere, then you are doing too much. Sometimes cutting down heavy exercise and changing to more gentle, but effective types, such us yoga, swimming or walking, will keep the fitness up.

One of the most important steps is to make time for yourself. It is also, probably one of the hardest! The majority of women going through the menopause will find themselves particularly busy looking after the family and working. This can be hard to cope, especially, if a woman has to deal with symptoms as well. Just 30 minutes a day for relaxation to listen a relaxation CD or doing meditation can help to reduce symptoms of the menopause.