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Post-menopausal years – is there life afterwards?

Yes, yes, yes!!!

A woman is normally considered to be through the menopause when she haven’t had a period for two years. During this time the hormones should have found a new balance and the body will likely have learnt to cope with this new low level.

Many women feel just as good, if not better, after their periods have stopped – no more monthly feeling low, bloating, etc., and as long as they continue to take care of themselves, problems shouldn’t arise. Unfortunately, some women do find that even after this time, that their menopause symptoms are not shifting and are wondering why.

Going through the menopause, even an easy one, stresses the body’s nervous system, particularly the adrenals. At the same time external stress of day-to-day life, impaired nutrition, lack of exercise, holding down the job and family life (many women going through the menopause have elderly relatives to care for and maybe have to baby sit their grandchildren too), it is not surprising that the body is under so much pressure, that eventually something gives.

This compounded stress over the time may lead to return of hot flushes, low mood or depression, poor sleep, sore joints, digestive problems, itchy skin, headaches. All these symptoms can also be a sign of low iron level or low thyroid function. So, if the symptoms have been going for a while, please, do visit a doctor.

Regular exercise, nutritional food, relaxation and Homeopathic prescription can do a restorative work on the body.