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Bites and stings.

We all know how painful and uncomfortable a bite or sting can be. With warmer weather, we need to be fully prepared. Don’t let a bite or sting ruin your family day out or leisure activities.

Whether it is wasps or hornets, bees or midgets, what usually follows is a red, swollen lump on the skin, which may be painful and is likely to be very itchy.

Sometimes it can cause a mild allergic reaction and a larger area of skin around the bite or sting becomes swollen, red and painful.

mild allergic reaction to bite or sting

If you get a severe allergic reaction, causing symptoms, such as breathing difficulties, dizziness, swollen face or mouth, you should seek urgent medical treatment.

However, for everyday stings or bites, Homeopathy is a natural option.  


Ledum is perhaps the most important remedy for insect and animal bites.

It can relieve the discomfort and protect against complications. A bite requiring Ledum is likely to be a pale swelling, although it may feel hot.

If the area around the sting is red, hot, stinging and puffy, then Apis is the remedy to try. Bites that need Apis are sensitive to touch and better for cold applications. 

You can use Homeopathic remedies for all your family. It promotes the body’s natural abilities to heal. It is safe and gentle.