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Beetroot – Superfood.

What exactly are superfoods? The term describes foods, that are highly nutritious. Superfoods contains lots of vitamins, minerals and have powerful antioxidant or anti-inflammatory properties. These foods can make a valuable contribution to a healthy and balanced diet.

Among superfoods beetroot takes a very special place. Very often I recommend to my patients to include this humble vegetable into their diet and almost always it comes as a surprise to them the healthy benefits of this well known, but very much overlooked vegetable.

Health benefits:

– Purifies and detoxify liver and kidney, removing heavy metals and toxins;

– Accelerates bile secretion, helping with gallbladder problems

– Promotes healthy colon, relieving constipation and preventing colon cancer

– Stimulates the immune system, prevents colds and flu, boosting strength and stamina, helping with fatigue

– Helps to maintain healthy skin, preventing acne and boils

– Stabilizes mood

– As a source of iron helps in anaemia

– Helps in cardiovascular health, strengthening blood vessels and maintaining normal blood pressure

How to include beetroots into your diet:

It can be boiled, steamed, roasted and it can make an excellent garnish for a meal. It can be eaten raw as well and can be included into salads.

Raw beetroot can be juiced very easily and it is good to mix it with some carrot or apple.

Beetroot greens can be eaten as well. Hippocrates advocated the use of the leaves as binding for healing wounds.

Beetroot soup Borscht is a very popular dish in Russia, Poland and Germany. There are cold and hot Borschts. Each countries recipes vary, but beetroot is the main ingredient of this healthy soup.

Beetroot salad:

– 1 beetroot . You can use raw or boiled.

– 1 carrot

– 1 apple

– half of a medium size red onion

– half of a medium size pointed cabbage

– bunch of dill

Grade all ingredient. You can use the food processor. The dill cut with knife.

For the dressing you can use natural yogurt or the ordinary dressing (olive oil, cider vinegar, mustard). Salt, black pepper, sugar to your taste.

Bonn appetite!