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Bed – wetting.

Children vary in there ability to be dry at night. Bed-wetting is rarely related to previous problems with toilet training. Some children train easily by the age of two during the day, with few accidents, but never have a dry night. Others take longer to be dry during the day, but parents then find that they are able to last through the night without needing a nappy at the same time.

By the age of five around 10% of children will still be bed-wetting the bed and this is more common among boys. Bed-wetting is not considered to be an issue until the age of six. For many children there is no obvious cause, although there is a strong link between the child and a family member with a history of bed wetting.

Some children who have been dry for a period of time may start wetting the bed. There will often have been an emotional trigger, such as the arrival of a new baby, starting school or some anxiety or stress at school or home, which needs to be taken into account. Physical causation that need to be checked  include bladder or kidney infection, worms and possibly, food allergies.

Self-helped measures;

Simple behavioural methods can sometimes be of use, but only if the child feels the bed-wetting is a problem and is willing to cooperate.

  – If the child is thirsty in the evening it is advisable not to restrict the drink, aside from fizzy or carbonate drinks. Encourage them to drink water if they are thirsty.

 – Many parents make their child to use the toilet before they go to sleep. This can be very effective for many children, but  does not always teach the child to go through the night without needing to urinate.

 – If there is no any obvious cause for bed-wetting, it may be worth consulting a chiropractor or osteopath, especially if there is a history of  birth difficulties or back injury.

 – However frustrated you may feel with wet beds and disturbed nights, do your best not to make your child feel, that they have done something wrong as it is certainly beyond their control. Reassure them that this is a minor problem, that will be resolved in time.

 – If the child starts wetting the bed and has some of the symptoms of a bladder infection, such  as pain on urination, frequent urination, pain in the abdomen or lower back, then it is better to contact a medical practitioner or a homeopath.

 – If the child starts wetting after a period of being dry at night, then stress at home or school may be responsible. In this case homeopathic treatment for the emotional trauma will help.