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ADD – Attention deficit disorder & ADHD – Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

ADD and ADHD refers to a group of learning and behavioural problems, that affects a number of children, who find it difficult to concentrate and focus, which becomes especially noticeable at school. Many of these children have specific learning difficulties, such as dyslexia. Children with ADHD also have high level hyperactivity, which affects their behaviour and their concentration.

Sometimes energetic and boisterous children, who require a lot of attention, can be refer as hyperactive. Most of these children are likely to just have a high energy and spirits, that just need to be channelled into creative pursuits. These children can usually sleep well and may be able to be absorbed in a game or a project.

Truly hyperactive children, who may have ADHD, have a number of specific behaviour, which may include:

  • Being impulsive, acting and speaking without thinking of the consequences.
  • They can be aggressive and demanding, particularly when they are not getting their own way.
  • Being socially clumsy, when they intrude into other children space and overpower them.
  • They are restless and fidgety, finding it hard to settle for a long time.
  • They have poor concentration and short term memory. They find it hard to concentrate in a big group and may work better with one-to-one. ADD and ADHD appear to be on the increase. Improved diagnostic techniques may be in part responsible for the increased figures. These conditions effect more boys than girls.

Many children with ADD, ADHD and dyslexia, have allergies to various food colouring or additives, as well as to foods such as sugar, wheat, dairy and citrus. When these children have eliminated the foods and chemicals, to which they have sensitivity, their behaviour has vastly improved.

Constitutional homeopathic treatment can be of great help whether the child has ADD or ADHD, or just displays aspects of hyperactive or disruptive behaviour.