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Fever is indicated by rise in body temperature. Normal body temperature is below 37C. Temperature of up to 39C and 40C can occur with infections. Children may look hot, with flushed cheeks. They may be hot to touch. Some children with high fever will show normal level of energy. With some very high fevers the child can be agitated and confused, sometimes may become delirious.

For many parents fever is a cause for panic and concern. The holistic view on fever is that the fever is an important part of a healing process. A fever is part of the body’s natural defence against the disease and is the way the child’s immune system reacts to the infection or imbalance within. Generally the children, who can generate a high level of fever are among the healthiest, even though that the child may be ill for a short period of time.

Many children typically display a series of chronic colds and mild infections, that can linger for over a period of time and often accompanied by a low-level of fever. With homeopathic treatment the tendency to have frequent colds and infections with low-level fevers will be much lower and the child will have a much-improved level of health.

Self-helped measures:

  • It is important to keep the child hydrated with room temperature drinks.
  • No need to worry, if the child refuses to eat. Sometimes fruits or light soup is more than enough. Plain, but nourishing diet is desirable during a recovery period.
  • Sponging down the face and body with room temperature flannel is very effective in keeping the temperature at the manageable level.
  • Provide a calm environment, which will encourage the child to rest.
  • Seek help when the temperature rises to 40C when the child develops signs of listlessness and floppiness.
  • Think of Homeopathic treatment, if the flu lingers and the child remains debilitated when symptoms have passed. The post-viral fatigue responds very well to the constitutional homeopathic treatment.