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Ear Infections.

Two-thirds of children have had an ear infection also known as acute otitis media, before their first birthday.

Young children  are susceptible to these infections in part because their eustachian tube, which connect the middle ear to the throat and nose, is underdeveloped and lies at a horizontal angle (it becomes more angled with age) easily clogging with fluid.

Also, young children’s immune systems are still developing, putting them at high risk for upper respiratory infections, which can lead to ear infections.  

Common symptoms:

  • Ear pain
  • Irritability
  • Fever
  • Yellow, clear or bloody discharge from ear
  • Problems hearing
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Decreased appetite
Ear Infections

Traditionally physicians have held that antibiotics effectively treat ear infections and prevent complications.

However, many scientific studies over the past 25 years contradict such beliefs.

In one large study of children with acute otitis media, those treated with antibiotics actually recovered at a slightly lower rate than those, who were not. (Froom, et al, 1990).

Another found that children with chronic otitis maintained on prophylactic (preventative) antibiotics  were two to six times more likely to to have recurrent acute infections than those on placebos. (Catankin, et al, 1991)

Recently John Bailar, M.D., a Harvard professor and editorial board member at the New England Journal of Medicine concluded that available research,  “seems to demolish the conclusion that antibiotics improve the outcome in otitis media. (Bailar, 1995).

Some parents, whose babies suffer from ear infection, often tell that that their baby has had from 2 to 10 ear infections in the last year and that they have had a lot of antibiotics to clear them.

The baby/child seems to be getting weaker in the immune system and even more prone to illness.

This is a  really frequent scenario and suddenly  the parents decide that they do not want any more antibiotics and come to Homeopathy