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Common Menopause Symptoms.

Mood swings and low mood.

The Menopause is a journey through both physical and emotional extremes. Oestrogen is a mood enhancer, falling level of which can have a huge impact on how you feel. Low mood, anxiety, anger, frustration, impatience,  absent mindedness and even depression can hit really quickly.

Suddenly it feels like your “usual self “ disappears and you have been taken over by a stranger, who acts completely differently. This can be a real shock to the friends and the family, as the person they knew, suddenly starts to snap and snarl. Some women decide completely change their lives, walking out of their relationship, leaving everyone stunned. 

 If the loved ones are getting the rough end of the stick, it is very important to let them know why you are like this. Once they know that it is not you, but your hormones “talking”, they will be in a better position to understand and support.

Some women can find themselves suddenly crying or sobbing their heart out without even knowing why. Some women become very sensitive to what others say to them  or become very fearful. This is caused by fluctuations of oestrogen. The hormonal changes in the menopause can stress the body tremendously. Looking after yourself well is really the key here:

 – Check that your diet contains wholegrains, nuts, seeds and green vegetables, as these are sources of Magnesium, which is very stabilising to the nervous system. A Magnesium supplement, calming herbs, such as Avena Sativa and Valeriana will help.

 – Try to avoid caffeine, fizzy drinks and food containing high quantities of sugar and salt , as these can often trigger the nervous system into over-reacting to certain situations.

 – Try to get some gentle outdoor exercise into your schedule every day. Just gentle walking for 20-30 minutes can make you feel better.

 – Homeopathic remedies have proved themselves over the years to be a great help to many women going through this challenging time in their lives.