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Back pain.

Back pain affects around a third of the population in the UK. We all know someone who has had back problems of some kind. Around 8 million people report having chronic pain that is moderate to severely disabling. The knock-on effect on days off work and cost to the taxpayer is considerable.

Behind each of these statistics, however, is a real person with a real family and a job, whose life is affected negatively on a daily basis. Back pain can have a significant impact on your physical and mental health.

Covid has likely made the problem worse. There have been greater numbers of people working from home, with many of us not set up properly for ongoing home working. How many of us make sure that our posture is correct? Do we have the right chair and table for daily working?

What people don’t often realise is that homeopathy can provide an option when you suffer from back pain.

Most people have heard of Arnica. It often proves helpful when you have an injury following over-exertion, like exercise or gardening. If you have pain in the neck and lower back which feels better with pressure or laying on a hard surface, then you could benefit from Ruta.

Remember, though, that homeopathy is a whole-person medicine which treats you as an individual. It treats the person, not the illness, and supports the body’s built in healing mechanism. When it comes to back pain, it really is a case of don’t suffer in silence. It likely won’t get better on its own, and could turn into a chronic condition which is much harder to manage or treat.